Berhampore, India Z3ROZ3RO

The name "Berhampore" come from "Brahmapur" cause It used to be known as many of the Brahmin families (almost 700) settled here. It lies on the east bank of the Bhagirathi River, about 200km north of Kolkata.

• I tried my best to explore this beloved city but, still, I missed so many important places, so I recommend you to visit this beautiful city and explore it. 😊

1. New Bridge: New Bridge Construction

Haridasmati, Berhampore

2. Boro Rajbari: Boro Rajbari

Boro Rajbari, Cossimbazar

3. Choto Rajbari: Choto Rajbari

Palace of the Roy's, Cossimbazar

4. Palace of the Roy's: Palace of the Roy's

Palace of the Roy's, Cossimbazar

5. Dutch Cemetery: Dutch Cemetery

Dutch Cemetery, Cossimbazar

6. T.V Tower: T.V Tower

T.V Tower, Berhampore

7. Ramendra Sundar Tribedi Bridge: Ramendra Sundar Tribedi Bridge

Radharghat, Berhampore

8. Residency Cemetery: Residency Cemetery

Residency Cemetery, Berhampore

9. Square Field: Square Field

Square Field, Berhampore

10. Berhampore Mela: Berhampore Mela

Berhampore (Festival)

11. Berhampore Mela: Berhampore Fair

Berhampore (Festival)

12. Chaltia Lake: Chaltia Lake

Chaltia, Berhampore