Hi, my name is Z3RO. I started learning (Still learning) photography during lockdown time. In 2020 I created a Facebook page and started sharing my photographs. I like capturing various types of photos, for example, nature, city, architecture, monuments, etc.

I started with a Facebook page, but now I'm using other platforms, and I like to post my photographs (content) on various social media platforms. So I'm sharing my Youtube & Instagram links. You can follow me on those platforms.

• Facebook Page link already mention on the About Section

After a few years of photography experience, I decided to create a new fresh platform where only photographs matter. That's why I created an android application for sharing my & co photographer's photographs.

Application Features:

Simple UI & Server Based: This application gives you a very simple & minimal UI (User Interface) experience. UI design for all types of users. Where few taps to control everything. Also, this application is controlled from the server so, you don't need to update your application again & again for showing new photographs.

Permissions: This application required only internet permission. Without an internet connection, this application doesn't perform properly.

No Ads: This application doesn't show you any type of ads.

After publishing the Android Application, my next target was to create a website & publish contact. So, I purchased a domain & server to run this website, and when I got some free time, I tried to update the website materials.

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