Today I'm talking about transforming noisy color photos into black & white. It's not a photography rule, but sometimes it works perfectly and makes your photographs more meaning full or straight to the point. For example, if your pictures have too much noise & color, it can distract the viewer's attention. But, converting those photographs into black and white can remove all the distractions, and viewers can find some meaning in those photographs. Now you need to see some examples for a better understanding purpose 😊

1. Example:
Color to B&W Transform Color
After Before

• Now you might see the clear difference between before & after side effects. Where the "BEFORE" side is the original version, and the "AFTER" side is - After transformed to black & white with some enhancements. **Slide/Click (above example image) left & right to see the effect of the complete changes.

2. Example:
Color - B&W Color Sample
After Before

Does too much noise & color destroy a photograph?

Isn't true all the time, and it depends on the picture's ambiance, light, mood, etc. Sometimes a noisy & colored photograph also looks great, but it depends on you, how you manage, edit & represent the photograph, totally depends on your skill.