Hi, today is my first blog, and I want to share how you can capture travel-related photographs from your local area. Look, it might sound weird, but you don't need to visit thousands of miles to capture traveling-related photographs. You can capture beautiful photographs in your local areas too. You just need to find the location which is ignored by maximum people. After finding a location you need to start analyzing & capturing the location from different angles.

• Now I want to show you some pictures those pictures captured from my local (under 50 km radius) area.

1. Example: Radha-madhab Para, Murshidabad

Radha-madhab Para, Murshidabad

2. Example: Motijhil, Murshidabad

Motijhil, Murshidabad

3. Example: Padma River View Point

Padma River View Point, Lalgola

4. Example: Motijheel

Motijheel, Murshidabad

5. Example: Motijheel, Murshidabad

Motijheel, Murshidabad

6. Example: Radha-madhab Para

Radha-madhab Para, Murshidabad