It's an Abstract art (light painting) project made with led lights and a mobile camera. Just go to manual mode on camera settings and set the exposure time 1s to 3.5s, and set the ISO under 50-100 that's it. Now you need a dark place and then move your LED lights in front of your camera. DONE! 😎

• I spent lots of time experimenting with this project, and I learned so many things from this project. If you're a beginner, I'll suggest you try this type of project. Ok, now explore the project, and hope you like this madness. 😁

1. Experiment:
Abstract Painting Color Abstract Painting B&W
Color B&W

Slide or Click (above example image) left & right to see the effect of the complete changes

2. Experiment: Line Abstract Painting
3. Experiment: Circle Abstract Painting

4. Experiment: Shadow Abstract Painting
5. Experiment: Smoky Abstract Painting
6. Experiment: Smoky Abstract

7. Experiment: Smoky Painting