Murshidabad, India Z3ROZ3RO

Murshidabad is a historical city in the Indian state of West Bengal. The name "Murshidabad" comes from the place known as "Muksudabad", which was the capital of Bengal during Murshid Quli Khan’s rule. Before the advent of the British, the city of Murshidabad was the capital of Bengal.

• I feel proud to share with you all the photographs that I captured in this historical city. I tried my best to explore this glorious city but, still, I missed so many important places, that's why I recommend you to please visit this beautiful city and explore its history. 😊

1. Hazarduari Palace: Hazarduari Palace Museum

Lalbagh, Murshidabad

2. Nizmat Imbambara (north-side): Nizmat Imbambar

Lalbagh, Murshidabad

3. Nashipur Rajbari: Nashipur Rajbari

Nashipur, Murshidabad

4. Madina Masjid: Madina Masjid

Lalbagh, Murshidabad

5. Wasif Manzil: Kathgola Bagan Bari

Lalbagh, Murshidabad

6. Kathgola Palace: Kathgola Bagan Bari

Kathgola, Murshidabad

7. Katra Masjid (back-side): Katra Masjid

Lalbagh, Murshidabad

8. Char Bangla Temple: Char Bangla Temple

Azimganj, Murshidabad

9. Motijheel (Lake): Motijheel (Lake)

Motijheel, Murshidabad

10. Safaid Masjid Complex: Safaid Masjid Complex

Lalbagh, Murshidabad