Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Hello Dear, Welcome to the (Z3RO's) Privacy policy page. "Z3RO: Just a Photographer" is a free photograph showcasing application/platform. Where you can easily find all my (Z3RO's) photographs. Also, This application does not show any type of advertising meant, and this application is designed for everyone. This application currently running on Stable Version (1.0.0).

Child Policy:

If your age is under 13, don't worry, this application does not show you any type of bad Ads (photos). You can freely use this application in front of your Family, Friends, Parents, Class Mates.

Content Policy:

We all know photography is an art, and art is subjective. In this application, I represent some of my photographs. I just started learning photography (Since 2020), so if you found mistakes, please forgive me. And, one important thing is, for respecting photographs: "Without permission editing, and modifying any photographs is strictly prohibited".


Co-Photographers are a particular section where I represent my friend's works. That is not a random profile creation feature, I personally know them, and I manually represent them on this application. If you see diamond batch () on any co-photographers profile, that means he is a professional photographer.


I Z3RO, promises to all users I never get any type of personal data from your device (No Ads, No Data Stolen). feel free to use this application.

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Last Update : 1st Jan 2023